Vegetables and children do not always get along well … while vegetables should be at the center of every plate for our little ones and for us. Do not be fooled, here are 10 tips for vegetables to come to life without worries.

Are you having trouble feeding your child with vegetables ? Want to install better eating habits at home with more fresh and less industrial? In the first case, do not give up , there are tips to remedy this. In the second case: congratulations because it is one of the most important things to change about food today – get away from everything industrial and adopt the FRESH, the GROSS – the real food actually!
Here are my top 10 tips for introducing more green to your little loves.
Be patient. Yes, I have to start with this, because with an energy of frustration or strength at the table, we block the will of the child to taste what we propose … So try to propose vegetables and novelties with a spirit detachment (not always easy but when you get there, that’s the most effective). Propose with a smile and if he / she does not like, say that he will accept another time.

Give the example. If you only eat french fries and charcuterie in front of your child, there is a chance that he will like carrots and eggplant … So eat some good fresh vegetables in front of him! Children especially want to imitate. Since the birth of my son, there is always an abundance of fruits and vegetables at home and at every meal. When the child sees that the vegetables are the base of the plate, you educate his brain to find that “normal”.
Introduce gradually. Do not offer 5 new vegetables at once! Put one or two vegetables on your child’s usual plate – so that they are introduced with things that he already likes. Otherwise, you risk upset his small food universe – which is very important for him! Everything will be better when done with kindness and without forcing so we introduce gently …

Vary the preparation. If the child has not enjoyed the cucumber salad , maybe he will love them in sticks with a sauce (vegetable;)? Or grated? Maybe mashed sweet potato does not pass but the same baked sweet potato will be a hit? You have to vary and try, without giving up a food just because the first time did not work.
Bring the kids to the market. If they hardly know what a vegetable is, not sure that they are interested in it … To accompany you to the market and to be able to choose the tomatoes with you, select the avocado and beetroots the educator of positive way to what are the real foods and where does the salad that his parents prepare at night. This will give him a good basis for understanding what food is for the rest of his life.

Cook together. As for the previous point, it is important to involve children in culinary activities . Even a small gesture like rinsing carrots or peeling a parsnip matters. Kids love to be involved and feel important, so play with them to familiarize them with fresh vegetables. It is often found that children are much more open to experiencing novelty when they are involved in its preparation.
Be smart. If your children are used to industrial foods and refuse your homemade dishes, do not despair! For example, mix an industrial soup that they love with a small portion of homemade soup and slowly increase the proportion of homemade soup. We must rehabilitate their palates because they are too used to ultra-sweet and sweet foods (which is not at all natural, in fact, for our body ..). Try for example to make their favorite homemade pizza only with fresh ingredients!
Find the secret weapon. Your child loves sesame oil? Tomato sauce ? The miso , the cinnamon or guacamole? Find the secret weapon that will allow you to scent vegetables and make him discover new foods with a seasoning he loves. You will notice that I have not said ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, mayonnaise or other low nutrient seasoning … find something healthier that he likes and play with that! At the moment my son loves broths , miso soup and gomasio so if he does not want to eat his dish, I propose to add a little and most of the time it works!
Explain to them why  ! Show that you have a good reason to serve him some vegetables. Explain why it’s important to eat it, why you eat it and find an argument that speaks to it! My son for example wants to run very fast and jump very high. So I explain to him that to do this, and to continue to develop these “qualities” it will be necessary to eat vegetables and fruits every day. It also shows them that you respect them by taking the time to explain things. Never think of them as fools who do not understand! They feel it and hate it … work in their direction to get what you want 😉
Stop offering the industrialist at home. It’s quite simple in reality: if at home they are offered only fresh and the cupboards do not contain (or rarely) industrial foods, your children will eat fresh. This applies to you too – if there is no temptation at hand it’s much easier to avoid it! And little by little you will get used to your palate to the real taste of food and not to have as much desire of ” junkfood  ” “. For example, I explain to my son that even if he eats certain foods at school (like crackers, madeleines), at home they are not eaten because they are not foods that really feed. He finds his balance. If you are convinced (without imposing an absolute dogma of course !!) they will listen.
Good luck to you all, parents! I know it’s not easy every day but do not give up, and remember that every little step forward is a victory.

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