10 tips to sleep well and wake up feeling good

Sleeping Well not only guarantees a good rest, but also keeps you active for the next day.

Every body is able to regulate the time it reserves for sleep. However, it has been shown that, on average, an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep .

If you sleep less and less, this is due to the fact that your sleep deficit is accumulating. As a result, you will be less efficient at work and sleep all day.

Let’s take 10 tips together to sleep well and be up and running the next day.

1. Coffee is not the solution

 Woman sitting in front of a coffee cup and her computer

When we do not sleep well we sometimes feel the need to use coffee in order to wake up. But you must control this drive, to avoid the abuse of this drink. Taking a second cup of coffee will not help you .

You must keep in mind that caffeine prevents the absorption of adenosine. Therefore, coffee will not calm you and your sleep problems will be accentuated .

2. Breathe in the fresh air

Going for a walk before going to sleep can be a great help to sleep. Half an hour’s walk is enough to observe results.

3. Drink a hot drink

 A cup of tea

After your walk, the ideal is to have a hot drink just before going to sleep. It is recommended to opt for an herbal tea with milk or honey.

4. Sleep with a cushion
Even if you doubt it, sleeping with a cushion will have a positive impact on your rest.

If you sleep on your back, place a cushion under your knees and another under the waist . If you sleep on your side, place the cushion between your legs. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, place the cushion under the lower abdomen. In this way, you will adopt the correct position to sleep, and you will reduce the load on the spine.

5. Do not sleep with your pet

 Hand of a woman and animal paste joined

Sleeping with one’s pet may at first seem comforting, but 64% of people who share their room with their pet have more trouble getting to sleep .


6. Put garlic under your pillow
Although it may seem odd to you, one of the best ways to sleep is to put a garlic clove under his pillow. This trick has been used since Antiquity.

The reason? Garlic emits a sulfur odor that soothes and improves the quality of sleep .

7. Turn off your electronics

 Woman looking at her mobile phone

Electronic devices do not help you sleep or, at least, sleep properly. The light that emerges from it can be more dangerous than you think .

Melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep, only begins to be produced when there is no light. By having your nose on your electronic devices, you brake the functioning of this hormone and you will not be able to rest properly.

In addition, it is best not to leave your electronic devices in the room, so that the brain understands that you are in the place where you go to sleep.

8. Have lavender near you
It has been shown long ago that lavender has soothing properties. So … Nothing better than putting a few branches of lavender beside the bed, or using candles and lavender oils and voila. With this trick, you will be able to fight against insomnia.

9. Check the temperature of the room

 Woman sleeping in her bed

A good temperature in the room is fundamental for a good rest, which is why it is essential to take this information into account and to check the temperature, which must oscillate between 16 and 20ºC.

A suffocating heat will prevent you from having a peaceful sleep, and you will wake up in the middle of the night.

10. Consume the recommended amount of magnesium
Our body needs a certain amount of magnesium on a daily basis to sleep all night long. Therefore, remember to include in your diet foods that contain magnesium or to consume food supplements about 30 minutes before going to bed .

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