12 thousand-year-old beauty secrets still used today

There are beauty tricks that, although they are very old, are still used more than ever . Take note of these beauty secrets that will make you look radiant.

1. Olive oil

For example, Olive Oil has been used forever and is called “Golden Oil”. It is not so much because of its color as its useful properties. Since it is an excellent moisturizer, it is not surprising that it is a widely used ingredient for creams and shampoos.

  • Olive oil treatments are perfect for softening skin and fortifying the hair.

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2. Take a bath

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Enjoying a good bath is something very relaxing and one that does a lot of good. Well-being is also a perfect ally for feeling beautiful and radiant. That is why in the antiques the baths were already the favorite pastime of the noble ladies.

3. The aromatherapy © therapy

Massage with Aromatic Oils is another way to make you feel better and more beautiful-beautiful. It is also a perfect practice for the skin break.

  • There is nothing like giving us a massage with aromatic oils to have a soft and silky skin for a long time.

4. Textured fabric as an exfoliant

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Instead of using an exfoliant that may be more aggressive and irritating to the skin, you can opt for a textured fabric.

  • With a good textured fabric, you can exfoliate the skin with the same efficiency as modern cosmetics.

5. The sugar for the peeling Sugar is a perfect product to create a home-grown detox cream. If you stack yourself with sugar, you will get smoother skin for much longer.

6. Petals of Rose and English Cream

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The rose petals and cream are perfect for pampering your skin. rose for the perfume and the cream to give more sweetness to your epidermis.

7. Mask made from honey Honey is the perfect ingredient for smooth skin and cellulite control. Thus, nothing is as effective as anti-cellulite massage as a honey product.

Just apply the honey on the desired area and press your palm against this area. You will see your skin soften and cellulite begin to fade quickly.

8. Henna ©

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A henna treatment will allow you to have strong hair, healthy and with the color that you This is why women have been using it for a long time to obtain silky hair.

9. Mask based on an egg Egg-based masks are perfect for moisturizing hair. If you choose a mask like this, you will have shiny, strong hair.

10. Leaves of cabbage

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For centuries, cabbage leaf has been a great ally of breastfeeding women.

  • Cabbage leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe pains. Thus, if they are applied directly to the breasts, they can relieve the discomfort that occurs during breastfeeding.

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11. Lemon juice

Hair coloring naturally is quite possible. To do this, you must resort to lemon juice and seek help from the sun.

In the old days, people who wanted to have blond hair without decolouring used lemon juice and sunbathing. thus, nothing simpler and cheaper

12. Clay

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Clay-based masks have always been very popular Clay helps you have a fabulous, cellulite-free skin and strong hair

This type of mask is perfect if you want to have a drier skin. Sludge or clay can be applied to any type of skin.

  • For dry skin, use white clay. Green clay is the most recommended for oily skin, while for sensitive skin the best option is to use red clay.
  • Before applying this mask or any other mask, you must thoroughly cleanse your skin.
  • First of all, it is essential to clean and wash your face with a lot of water.
  • Then, sit well with your skin and apply the clay mask.

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