4 Essential Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Dry skin has implications for our physical appearance, but also for our health, even emotional . When we have a radiant complexion, he is much more sensitive to damage which is why it is important to have a hydrated skin.

In this sense, it is very important to moisturize the skin to avoid wounds and other injuries . Thus, we recommend that diabetics as well as people with coagulation problems, take special precautions.

On the other hand, it is also true that it causes a lack of luminosity, an aspect that impacts us a lot.

Although we do not realize it, it influences the image we perceive of ourselves and, consequently, our self-esteem and our mood to start the day.

Tips for keeping your skin hydrated

Drinking a lot of water

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Yes, that seems obvious, but not everyone is drinking the right amount water .

The time and the occupations prevent us from being thirsty. However, the body needs at least a liter and a half a day to function properly and to keep the skin hydrated .

Keep in mind that we are talking about WATER and not juices or smoothies . These are the properties of the water we are looking for. The rest of the beverages bring other contributions which, although necessary, are not the ones we need.

In case you can not find the time or the opportunity to drink, technology can help us remember it today. There are many mobile apps designed exclusively for this task.

Exfoliate the skin twice a week

Sometimes the pores of the skin are invaded by dirt. In addition to the appearance of the blackheads that we fear so much, this has other consequences.

Among them, that which prevents the penetration of water or other beneficial substances for our health.

On the other hand, having a clean complexion favors cellular regeneration . Consider these impurities as a barrier in the process.

There are many items of this type on the market, but here we prefer to talk to you about the artisanal and natural solutions . In this way, you will know what you will use and opt for non-aggressive products.

To keep your skin hydrated, keep an eye on makeup

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It is true that some of us have an almost addictive relationship with makeup. Spend the time it takes to apply it well and the result is very positive.

However, in the long term, our skin suffers

As we explained in articles devoted to cough or mucus the body always reacts when an alien part there NATRE . Therefore, it should not surprise us that the use of makeup dries the skin or generates more fat than we think.

Therefore, the ideal is to use it only on special occasions. In case you like to put it everyday, try to go out at least twice a week .

You will be surprised to see how your skin will change with this simple gesture.

Toning the skin

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Toning means strengthening As with other parts of the body, sometimes the skin needs to a supplement of vitamins and nutrients to enjoy good health

To overcome this problem, we have two options. Use a product made either synthetically or naturally.

We will not be surprised if we advise the second option. In addition to the advantages of these preparations, quoted above, we propose another one. Time.

We always want to have a little more time for ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to find moments to devote to yourself

Therefore, by choosing slow activities, which require concentration, we earn minutes or hours for us. To clear up and forget about daily worries

Although it seems contradictory, not thinking about it for a moment helps us solve problems.

Thus, keeping the skin hydrated brings us different benefits .

On the other hand, we reduce the risk of injury, and we give our skin a brighter appearance.

In addition to all this, we take the time to take care of ourselves, something essential for a healthy emotional state.

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