5 simple tips to regain the pleasure of moving



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            A false movement, an intensive sporting activity without heating, … The causes of muscular pain are numerous and, whether young, old, man, woman, sports or not, everyone is concerned. And even if the consequences are not the same for all, these pains very often have a negative impact on the daily life of those who suffer from it. There are some simple ways to protect yourself. They will certainly not protect you from a fall or a false movement, but they will allow you to rediscover very quickly the pleasure of moving!










1. Move Steadily

To keep your muscles in good shape, you need to get them to exercise. Half an hour daily of sport or movement, it is ideal. Going to fitness every day is not an obligation. Alternate, and sometimes go for a good walk or a bike ride.




2. Go for a Varied Diet

Protein is important for muscle recovery and growth, but carbohydrates are also essential for keeping your muscles healthy. Wholegrain bread, pasta and legumes are packed with good nutrients for the muscles. Dried fruits are also an ideal snack.




3. Do not consume too much iron

Athletes need iron, there is no doubt about it. This substance ensures the transport of oxygen to the muscles and allows growth. However, iron alone is not enough to keep muscles healthy. A healthy and varied diet is more important than a high absorption of iron.







4. Do not go too fast

If you start a new sport, you have to go step by step. Do not practice intensively if you are not used to it. Always warm up even if you are a hard-working sportsman. This allows you to avoid any possible injury.




5. Drink enough water

Make sure you always have a water bottle handy during the sport and drink it regularly. If you drink too little, you may have muscle cramps or an irregular heartbeat. Also drink after the sport to compensate for water loss due to perspiration.














Source: GSK Communiqué
                    published on: 05/03/2018, updated on 04/03/2018










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