5 things you did not know about your eyes

“The eyes are the window of the soul”. So, you need to know the most important details about your eyes and how they work. As well as on the meaning of the color of the iris, among other aspects. These may be information you do not know.

Besides emotions, our eyes are used to show many aspects of the body, for example, the state of our mood among others.

They are the only ones who give a semblance of soul to our feelings. They are therefore considered to be one of the most important features of the face.

Learn everything you did not know about your eyes. And discover the extraordinary abilities of these organs so essential to the whole organism.

What can you accomplish with your eyes?

  • Detecting images from the exterior
  • Showing the state of your mood
  • Regulating the light for the appreciation of each image
  • Exercise eye muscles with eye movements

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5 Things You Did not Know About Your Eyes

1. You can also see inside


In addition to being one of the physical elements that are part of the features of the face these are the ones that make it possible to appreciate the objects from the outside, reflecting the image through the retina.

Nevertheless, their primary function encompasses many other aspects, complementing each other by being the best reflection of the state of the soul of each person. For they show precisely every feeling, from joy to sadness and melancholy.

2. Like cameras, eyes are also measured in megapixels

Those of you who are wondering at any time, “how many megapixels to this TV” or any camera? So, you’re probably wondering how many pixels your eyes can see an image with that sharpness and quality.

The human eye has been shown to have 576 megapixels!

This is a system so sophisticated that it surpasses any imaging equipment with the most advanced technology. And offers the best performance, especially for those who have no defects that impair the sharpness of the mink.

3. They can be of many colors


What changes the color in the eyes is the iris and it is well known that there is not one identical iris. There is a wide variety of nuances which, according to heredity and genetic conditions, are unique to each individual.

Thus it was possible to understand what gives the color of the eyes. It depends entirely on how much melanin each person has in it.

Melanin is a permanent natural pigment that is responsible not only for the color of the skin and hair, but also for the eyes.

The melanin diffusing the light in the iris can be so dark that it gives a brown color to the eyes like coffee . But it can also be less intense, giving green or blue or honey-colored eyes.

4. The sign of alcoholism

Strangely, the tone of your eyes can be an immediate signal of your dependence on alcohol.

According to research conducted in 2015 the color reflected in the iris of the eye is a good indicator of alcoholism.

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5. Your pupil dilates and contracts


This is another curiosity that you probably did not know about your eyes. With the simple reflection of light, you can notice how your pupil continually expands and contracts.

When approaching a strong light, the immediate reaction of the pupil is to contract and on the contrary, when one moves away from the light source it expands.

With the great variation of luminosity that exists in the external environment, the eye has different reactions to light, in order to be able to adapt to any environment without affecting vision and without altering the light. pictures.

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