6 recommendations for improving the functioning of the thyroid

The proper functioning of the thyroid gland plays a very important role in our health, not only because the thyroid regulates important hormonal processes, but also because it is key to the proper functioning of metabolism, state of mind and weight.

Although we usually do not dwell too much on this small organ in the front of the neck, hormones are secreted. These hormones regulate the activity of the tissues and cells of the main body systems .

The thyroid also plays a role in the synthesis of proteins, blood circulation and oxygenation, and in other functions that are essential to a patient’s life good quality of life .

Bad habits as well as genetics may be responsible for the development of many disorders in the thyroid disorders that cause thyroid changes.

As a result, many organs have difficulty, and may later develop chronic diseases.

It is therefore essential to have good habits, and to put into practice certain recommendations that optimize the functions of the thyroid in a natural way.

Discover what these recommendations are!

1. Learn how to manage stress

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Mismanagement of stress is one of the factors behind the death Regulation of Thyroid Function.

Although there appears to be no relationship, continued exposure to the effects of stress may reduce the body’s ability to use thyroid hormones .

This is explained by the increased production of cortisol, a chemical that prevents thyroid hormones from entering the cells of the body .

2. Consume coconut oil

The medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil are a good complement for improving the function of thyroid hormones because they optimize the use of these hormones. hormones in the activity of metabolism.

Thanks to their significant contribution of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is a food that makes it possible to counteract certain effects that have occurred following the unregulated functions of the gland.

3. Include iodine in your diet

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Low consumption of iodine sources is one of the main causes of death © ficit thyroid hormones a disorder known as Hypothyroidism .

Our body does not have the ability to create this nutrient by itself, so it is necessary to consume healthy foods that contain iodine .

Among the recommended foods are:

  • seafood
  • the blue fish
  • cheese
  • the eggs
  • table salt
  • Blueberries
  • the marine vegtals
  • organic strawberries
  • organic yogurt
  • potatoes

4. Consume foods that contain zinc

Zinc deficiency can lead to the development of two major thyroid disorders: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

This deficiency causes deletions in the activity of thyroid hormones which lead to a series of reactions that are undesirable within several vital systems of the body.

Although it is possible to absorb this nutrient by consuming supplements it is preferable to absorb zinc from foods such as:

  • seafood and fishes
  • lean beef meat
  • pork meat
  • the chicken
  • The Spaniards
  • dried fruits
  • the seeds
  • bitter chocolate

5. Exercise

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One of the little-known benefits of physical exercise is that it exerts a good influence in the functioning of the thyroid.

Exercise is recommended in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, since it regulates the activity of thyroid hormones, and allows Balancing the work of metabolism. Among other things, physical exercise improves the state of mind and helps maintain a good level of physical and mental energy.

Take at least 30 minutes of your day for cardiovascular exercise or a variety of exercise routines.

6. Make sure you consume enough magnesium

Magnesium is another essential mineral that helps protect the thyroid. Although it is present in many foods, it is a nutrient that is difficult to absorb, and is therefore the one people miss the most.

Magnesium is needed to turn iodine into thyroid hormones.

Moreover, Â sufficient absorption of magnesium helps maintain good hormonal and metabolic health.

Currently, it is possible to obtain magnesium by supplements and lotions for external use, but you can also absorb magnesium by consuming the following foods:

  • of lawyers
  • eggs
  • Spaniards
  • raisins
  • of the corn
  • bananas
  • dried herbs
  • cocoa powder
  • dried fruits
  • seeds (of pumpkin, flax, sunflower)

Do you have risk factors for thyroid disease? If this is the case, and even if it is not, make sure to put into practice all the recommendations given, and improve your lifestyle in order to preserve the good functioning of the gland .

Of course, do regular medical checks to detect any anomaly.

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