6 recommendations for relieving overactive bladder

Sometimes, this syndrome only causes the loss of a few drops of urine even if, in the most severe cases, it can cause the leakage of most of the liquids retained in the bladder.

Its appearance alert on the presence of urinary incontinence . Most patients with overactive bladders often end up losing control over their urination.

What is most worrisome about this condition is its symptoms: they are often ignored by people who suffer from it, which brings their problem to do only that. worsen.

Therapy becomes more and more difficult and their quality of life may be affected.

We can not say enough that it is important to monitor our urinary habits in order to identify the health problems we can suffer and treat them as quickly as possible.

As we know that many of you suffer from overactive bladder, we will share with you, in the rest of this article, six recommendations that will allow you to face it more serenely.

Discover them without further delay!

1. Avoid eating certain foods

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The adoption of a healthy and balanced diet is one of the main pillars to keep under the control of overactive bladder syndrome

We do not always know, but some foods stimulate this condition and increase the severity of its symptoms.

In addition to controlling your intake of fat and calories, we recommend that you avoid the following foods:

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