6 tips to avoid weight gain with the years

With time passing, it seems inevitable to end up gaining weight. However, if you follow a series of recommendations and tips, it is very likely that you will avoid getting fatter. So, take note of these tips and you will avoid those extra pounds that are sure to arrive.

Tips for avoiding weight gain over the years

1. Consume flavonoids

 blueberries and yoghurt

Various studies have concluded that a considerable contribution of flavonoids can help us maintain and even lose weight

Thus, the following foods are considered the most interesting for the maintenance of weight: blueberries, strawberries, cherries, grapes, berries, tea, apples, onions, leeks and broccoli.

For all the benefits of flavonoids, simply add one of the fruits or foods listed above to your daily diet.

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2. Do not fall into sedentary lifestyle

It is essential not to fall into sedentary lifestyles. In fact, the metabolism slows down over the years, which facilitates the accumulation of extra kilos.

It is therefore important to be as active as possible: do physical activity even if it is of moderate intensity, but at a constant rate.

If you exercise, you will stay stronger, your muscles and joints will be younger. Which, in a way, will slow down the passage of time.

According to recent studies, doing small physical exercise sessions of 10 minutes three times a day, you will achieve the same result as doing the same thing for 30 minutes of daily exercise .

Do not hesitate any more. And do not forget, when you use the elevator, you’d better go up the stairs.

3. Keep your mind active

 open his mind

As you get older, memory loss often occurs. To avoid this, it is recommended to perform activities that stimulate the brain and keep the mind active. Among many activities, one finds daily reading, crosswords, chess or sudoku.

This type of activity helps to make memory and concentration more agile.

Indeed, you should be aware that any habit that can help you have a much more active and awake mind will also help you prevent stress and depression. So, all of this will improve your quality of life.

4. Forget the regimes

Most low-calorie diets may be counterproductive . They can often lead to a permanent slowdown in metabolism.

This is because the body is deprived of the necessary calories. He tries to preserve them by consuming even fewer calories.

A repeated diet of this type entails a risk of permanent reduction of the metabolic rate. If you have considered a diet of less than 1,200 calories know that it is not recommended, because it can lead to a loss of fat-free tissue, such as muscle tissue .

Remember that muscle mass consumes calories, so if you lose muscle, it will be even harder to maintain your weight.

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5. Regularly check your health

 control his diet

It is important that you regularly monitor your health. Indeed, the passage of time generally leads to certain problems such as hypertension and osteoporosis, among others.

Precisely, these problems can be an obstacle for the practice of sport. Do not hesitate and check your health regularly.

6. Do not wait to apply these tips

Do not delay applying these good habits. We must take into account the importance of taking care of ourselves and not waiting for problems to appear.

Do not hesitate and try to include these healthy habits in your daily routine as soon as possible. As the years go by, your health will remain intact.

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