7 Essential Tips to Stop Drinking Cow's Milk

You may have to stop drinking cow’s milk because it does not make you feel good . Perhaps you have intolerance to lactose or allergy or want to do so because of personal convictions.

There is some information you should know to avoid nutritional deficiencies and to continue cooking recipes that included milk among its ingredients.

Discover in this article the 7 basic tips to stop drinking milk and continue to have a balanced nutrient diet without deficiencies in calcium or other nutrients.

We also offer simple and original ideas for replacing milk in your usual recipes for yogurt, sauces and other dishes.

1. Test the plant milks

Although we stopped drinking milk of animal origin, today we have a wide assortment of vegetable drinks made from nuts, cereals and fruits . Here are the most consumed:

  • Coco. Coconut milk is the one that most resembles cow’s milk in terms of texture, consistency and flavor . It is very nutritious and remineralizing.
  • Oats . One of the most popular vegetable drinks, rich in fiber and very suitable for balancing the nervous system and obtaining energy and vitality.
  • Rice. With a sweet flavor and a sweet touch, the rice beverage is suitable for those who have a sensitive digestive system or who are looking for a milk with a neutral taste .
  • Almond. One of the most nutritious and creamy drinks is the almond drink, rich in calcium and vitamin E.
  • Soja. We do not recommend that you consume this drink because it does not digest well and can cause hormonal disorders. Soy should always be fermented .

We can find many other drinks made from hazelnut, spelled, kamut, tiger nuts, millet, etc.

2. Smoothies without milk

 Fruit drink

If you want an alternative breakfast or snack for milk drinks, we offer healthy smoothies made from fruits and vegetables. You will get an extra dose of vitamins and you will feel full for hours.

Try, for example, this delicious smoothie.


How to?

3. Discover the delicious tahini

For those who are worried about the lack of calcium that can mean stopping drinking cow’s milk, you should know that there are plant foods with a high content of this mineral .

One of them is sesame, which we can consume in different ways. Raw, roasted, in oil, vegetable drink or cream spread, known as tahini .

4. Avoid what decalcifies you


In addition to consuming foods rich in plant-derived calcium, we should also reduce those that prevent us from assimilating this mineral or even stealing what we already have in our body.

  • White sugar
  • Refined salt
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Sodas

5. Make your own yogurts

If you are a yogurt lover, you have two ways to prepare them with vegetable drinks.

  • Solidifying vegetable drink with agar agar
  • Let the drink ferment with probiotics (such as those taken in supplements) at a hot temperature, as you would with cow’s milk yogurt.

Similarly, we can also add fruit and nuts to these yogurts for surprising and delicious results.

6. Spice with brewer’s yeast

 Beer yeast

For dishes that usually contain cheese, we recommend a vegetarian alternative, without animal milk, which will give a similar touch to your recipes: brewer’s yeast.

This nutritional supplement gives not only a salty and grilled taste similar to cheese, pasta, pizza or spreads. But he also gives us a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is a very beneficial super-food for the skin, the hair and the nervous system. C by soothing states of anxiety and improving mood in the event of depression.

7. B├ęchamel sauce with oats

Another of the most common problems in cooking to replace milk is in the making of the famous bechamel sauce. However, we can use oat milk without problems .

This drink combines not only very well for its flavor. But also gives the consistency and smoothness appropriate to the sauce. In this way, we will have a b├ęchamel much more digestive and healthy.

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