7 meals to lose weight in a week without being hungry

If you have decided to plan healthy, balanced, nutritious and delicious dinners to lose weight without dying of hunger and improve your health, here are original and simple proposals for the whole week.

From these ideas you will be able to elaborate many other recipes full of flavors and nutrients, without flours and without harmful fats.

Dinner is the key to losing weight

If you want to lose weight easily without being hungry, you have to concentrate all your efforts on dinner. It is the meal that makes you fatter and accumulate fat in the abdominal area. The calories you eat during the last meal of the day are usually not burned, so you turn all that energy into reserves.

For this reason, you must opt for dinners rich in raw or cooked vegetables accompanied by easily digestible proteins and healthy fats . This combination of nutrients speeds up the metabolism. So you can burn calories and at the same time rest and recover during the night.

However, to achieve this goal, you must eat early, at least 3 hours before bedtime. If you are very hungry, before going to bed, you can take an infusion, a glass of vegetable drink (oat or almond) or an apple or a pear.

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And if we do not dine?

People who choose not to eat dinner or on low calorie diets make an unnecessary sacrifice. Not only will this not help to lose weight, but it will have an effect of “ rebound ” when one eats again . The body minimizes energy expenditure due to lack of food. Then he will accumulate all possible reserves at the next meal, as a survival response.

The key is choosing the right foods, eating moderately and not being obsessed with calories. The result will be effective and painless weight loss. In just one week you will see positive results.

7 ideas for the whole week

1. Monday: Cream of vegetables and peas

 vegetable cream

Cold or hot vegetable creams, depending on the season, are one of the best options for dinner, as they are satiating and very healthy . We can prepare them with the vegetables that we like the most and, if possible, add in addition a portion of the included pulses, which will provide additional protein and fiber.

Peas are one of the best options we can choose for dinner because they are very digestible and have a delicious taste.

2. Tuesday: Gazpacho and poultry meat

The gazpacho or soup of cold vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic) are ideal for the hottest periods or when we need a dose of vitamins and minerals . We can enjoy the lightness of this soup to consume a portion of grilled or roasted chicken or turkey meat. This combination is perfect and easy to digest. It is also a good dinner for after a sport session.

3. Wednesday: Salad and hummus


The hummus is a puree of chickpeas. These are very nutritious legumes. However, many people have trouble digesting it, especially at night. For this reason, we recommend you to consume them in hummus, a cold cream of chickpeas that we can accompany with a salad.

4. Thursday: Roasted fish and pineapple

Fish is an animal protein low in fat It is therefore a good option for losing weight. It can be baked with pineapple slices. The result will be a light meal, delicious and ideal for digesting the fish ration.

5. Friday: Quinoa and guacamole

 Quinoa and guacamole

Quinoa is a cereal rich in protein, more suitable than other cereals such as rice for dinner . In this case, we suggest you accompany it with a delicious guacamole, which will provide us with a good amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

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6. Samed i: Pizza with chickpeas

Do you like pizza? Have fun on Saturday night. But make pizza dough with chickpea flour. You’ll have a much healthier and more appropriate recipe for losing weight.

7. Sunday: Green Smoothie and Omelette


On Sunday, to be able to recover from the excesses of the weekend, you can opt for a smoothie with fruit or vegetables, delicious and purifying accompanied by an omelette. This very diner is also very appetizing. It will help you to rest well to start the week with energy and vitality.

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