7 tips discovered by science make losing weight fast and irreversibly

But there are tricks that help to degrade effectively quickly and regularly: just enter these tips into your daily system to help you lose weight.

Drink water with lemon juice

Pour half a lemon juice into a liter of water and place it in the refrigerator, drink it all day, the acidic water is a natural cleanser for the body and it is also diuretic . They are used to replace the water you drink daily with water mixed with acid.

Drinking green tea

Drinking green tea burns 80 more calories each day! Replace your coffee with green tea, you will lose weight faster.

Eating a tomato in the morning
Tomato is a supernatural food that helps regulate cholesterol levels and contributes to the health of the intestines, thus facilitating weight loss.

Put black pepper in all your dishes
Black pepper helps with digestion, so it helps burn fat faster. So add pepper to your dishes, it's a great ally for weight loss!

Parsley in all too!
Parsley is a diuretic, so it combats water retention and regulates blood sugar levels. He is an ally of agility in your dishes!

Cold Potatoes

You should not stop eating potatoes, you just have to be cool! In cold potatoes, starches turn into resistant carbohydrates that make you feel full without the body turning them into fat.

Do not eat after 19:00
Fasting 12 hours daily – between dinner and breakfast – allows the body to use its fat reserves. So your decision will be excellent not to eat after dinner in the evening until the next morning.

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