8 foods never eat without cooking .. including honey bee

Many prefer to go back to nature and eat some raw food, that is, without cooking, to ensure maximum use of their nutrients, but doctors and nutritionists warn against eating certain foods without cooking, as this will cause many problems on the health of the body.

The list includes many vegetables, fruits, cereals and even milk. There are 8 species in particular that should not be eaten without cooking:
1) Potatoes

Nutrition experts warn of the danger of eating the fruit of raw potatoes without cooking, as eating in raw form causes gas in the stomach resulting in severe pain, nausea and headache as the potato contains a type of toxins called “Solanin” can not get rid of Only by cooking whether by roasting, frying or boiling.
2) Beans

Foods that are high in protein and antioxidants, but they must be boiled and cooked well before eating, because eating in its natural form without cooking causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and some digestive problems because they contain an enzyme that causes these symptoms. The beans should be soaked in water for several hours before cooking, to get rid of that enzyme.
3) Honey

There is no harm from taking the honey we buy from the supermarket, because it is pasteurized and safe for consumption. However, people who take organic honey should be wary because some of these raw species will cause them problems because they are unpasteurized. The raw honey of bees contains an enzyme known as “gryanotoxin” which may cause food poisoning.
4) Milk

Milk, like honey, when we buy it from the shops, there is no harm because it is treated and safe for consumption, but some people who prefer to eat organic food and drinks, may take milk in its raw form immediately after the cows, and here lies the damage. Milk in its raw form may contain salmonella, E. coli and other very harmful microbes.
5) Broccoli

Many people go to add broccoli with its raw green form to salad dishes because of its many benefits, but the raw broccoli actually contains a kind of sugar that is difficult to digest and may cause gastrointestinal problems. So it is best to cook broccoli before eating it.
6) Olive

Olive is one of the most delicious foods eaten by everyone, and we usually buy them from the supermarket either packaged or from pickles, all safe for consumption. However, eating olives immediately after harvesting may harm health, because raw olives contain a compound called “Ulyurubin” which causes food poisoning.
7) Mushrooms

Mushrooms are also popular because of its many benefits, so it enters into many delicious dishes. However, the fungus should never be eaten before cooking, because eating the mushroom in its raw form contains many microbes that may cause gastrointestinal problems and sometimes food poisoning.

8] Eggs

Everyone loves the various eggs cooked in different ways and innovative, especially breakfast, but there are people who prefer to beat eggs raw and take it directly drink, but that may cause serious problems for health, because eating raw raw eggs may contain Salmonella and other types of bacteria harmful to health.

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