9 really effective tips against hair loss


Hair loss is a problem for people who suffer from it. Not only can this condition greatly affect self-esteem but it can also be a symptom of other health problems .

There are many remedies and tips that will help prevent hair loss. However, in this article, we will introduce you to only the simplest and most effective.

Tips Against Hair Loss

1. Choose a natural shampoo

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Shampoos, in the short term, give the hair the effect or appearance we are looking for. However, in the long term, they can damage the hair if they are composed of certain synthetic ingredients .

We recommend instead to choose a natural shampoo. Although the immediate result is not so dramatic, you'll be better at preventing hair loss.

Sulphates and silicones make our hair perfect after washing, soft and shiny. However, it is common to find that hair gets dirty more easily and becomes greasy or dry over time.

Natural shampoos are made from products such as coconut oil or aloe vera and contain essential oils, plant extracts, etc.

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2. Do not wash your hair every day

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day, because we weaken and change the balance of the scalp . In addition, wet hair tends to fall more easily.

If you can not do without washing your hair every day, you can use shampoo only once in two.

3. Learn how to take care of hair

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Hair is part of our body and we should take care of it in the same way as we do with it. Here are some tips for keeping beautiful hair:

  • Brush them gently and in a usual way . It is advisable to use, if possible, brushes of natural materials, because they are more beneficial for the scalp and prevent frizz.
  • Avoid excessive use of dryers and irons that do not break, damage, and weaken hair.
  • If you tie your hair or make some hairstyles, try not to over-tighten them .
  • In case of sun exposure, protect your hair with a hat or cap. Especially if you spend more than half an hour in the sun.
  • Do not abuse products such as gels, waxes, or mousses.

4. Massage the scalp

One of the best tips for preventing hair loss is to massage the scalp daily. In addition, in this way we promote the growth of new hair.

  • You must massage the scalp by pressing with medium intensity, and by making small circles from the forehead to the nape of the neck .
  • The best time to do it is just before going to bed for 5 or 10 minutes.
  • When you have finished, you will notice a slight tingling pleasant to the activation of the blood circulation.

5. Do you need a supplement?

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There are currently many vitamin and mineral supplements to fight hair loss. However, it is important to consider the following issues:

  • These supplements are effective in case of nutritional deficiencies. If the cause of hair loss is genetic or due to a consequence of a health problem, we will not notice any improvement.
  • It is advisable to take them only with the supervision of a professional, because some vitamins can be harmful in excess.
  • Some of the most beneficial nutrients are biotin ( Vitamin B8 ), zinc or silicon .
  • We should only consume them seasonally, stopping from time to time.

6. Drink water

This simple habit is beneficial for treating many disorders and can also help you improve the health of our hair . It is not advisable to drink more than two liters of water a day, and always without meals.

7. Reduce dairy products and salt

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Food plays a fundamental role for our overall health. In the case of hair and to avoid more particularly their fall, you should reduce or eliminate dairy products and the salt of your diet.

In this way, you will take better care of your hair and your health at the same time.

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8. Discover the essential oils

Certain essential oils are very beneficial to the hair. You can add them to your shampoo, softener or mask, or use them to perform a scalp massage.

In this case, you can mix them with extra virgin coconut oil .

We particularly recommend using these essential oils:

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Cinnamon
  • Tea tree

9. Say goodbye to stress

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One of the worst enemies of health is stress, which has very negative effects on our body. Among them, hair loss is one of the most usual effects .

If you are experiencing a period of nervousness, irritability, anxiety or anxiety, we recommend that you change your lifestyle to solve this problem .

You can also find invaluable help in the practice of yoga, meditation, sport, swimming, excursions, etc.

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Hair loss can be treated naturally with certain ingredients that stimulate the circulation and strengthen the hair roots. Discover them all!

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