A highly experienced and effective treatment for tongue and mouth ulcers at home and without antibiotics

Check your menu

There is a theory that eating tomatoes encourages the appearance of mouth ulcers, as well as theories that say chocolate and nuts cause these ulcers. Favorite attention to the menu and check if the food is caused by the appearance of ulcers. After ulceration, avoid hot or spicy foods that stimulate ulcers and burn your mouth. In addition, foods such as cakes that can hurt and scratch wounds should be avoided.

The experience of pepper seasoning

Spices derived from common pepper contain a substance called capasisin, which causes numbness in the nerves and helps to soothe the pain. Spicy spices are used to produce cakes and candies for people with oral wounds after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is important to try a small amount at first because spices can cause irritation in some people.

Use of mouthwash

The plant of patience (alupera) has many medicinal qualities. Try mouth gargling with a little aloevira juice extracted from the inside of the paper several times a day. The mouth water can be prepared for washing by mixing a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of soft drink with a little water and gargle the mixture four times a day. The brave among you can put some salt on the ulcer, it helps the cleansing but burns more.
Another possibility is the use of sage. Add three teaspoons of sage leaves to the boiling water. Keep the leaves in the water for 15 minutes. Use water with sage extract as the mouth a few times a day. The sage leaves can also be ground into powder and placed directly on the ulcer.

Make sure you have enough vitamins and salts

Lack of vitamins and salts can cause ulcers in the mouth. If you have mouth ulcers, you should have a blood test. Anemia (iron deficiency), vitamin deficiency B12 and folate deficiency can cause ulcers. In addition to diseases such as celiac disease (gastrointestinal disorders) and Crohn's disease can be the source of ulcers.

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