A revolutionary discovery to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells from 95% of cancers 

PhD student at the Department of Chemistry in Ontario (Canada) at Queen’s University young researcher Caitlin Miron recently made one of the most recent discoveries the most revolutionary in recent years.

It was during an internship at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Bordeaux (France), within the research team du Dr Jean-Louis Mergny, that Caitlin Miron identified a chemical compound that could “extinguish” cancerous cells to prevent their spread.

A chemical compound for extinguishing cancer cells

Caitlin Miron can be proud of her. Student ( PhD Student ) in chemistry at Queen’s University, it was during an internship at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Bordeaux, France, that she was able to use an advanced technology of screening to examine a number of compounds from the laboratory of chemist Anne Petitjean at Queen’s University.

During her internship, she was able to discover a compound that surprisingly binds to the structure of four-stranded DNA, or G quadruplex  (G4, guanine quadruplex), which was associated with the development of cancer and other diseases. The official announcement to the press was made this November 2017.

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<figcaption class= Unusual nucleic acid structures © IECB

To explain his discovery of Imagine, “Caitlin Miron compares single-stranded DNA to a necklace with beads (cells) that move all the way down until they touch a knot.” feel “cellular machines” moving along the DNA collar, it is possible to enter and untie this node, but in this case it becomes necessary to find a sort “super glue” to hold everything together What Caitlin Miron discovered is this “glue”.

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<h3> Improving the targeting of cancer cells</h3>
<hr/> <strong> The key questions this discovery is related to are: Can we improve the targeting of cancer cells? Can we improve the input into cells through a membrane? </strong></p>
<p><strong> Previous discoveries did not have the high potential of this discovery and did not fit properly with the four-stranded DNA structure. In this revolutionary breakthrough, a powerful means for the future has been found to protect the knot and prevent cancer cells from reaching other sections. DNA strand, thanks to a new compound close to a "super glue", a ligand (atom, ion or molecule carrying chemical functions allowing it to bind to one or more atoms or central ions). </strong></p>
<p>For almost 30 years, scientists have been on the trail of a ligand adapted to G-quadruplex to prevent the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. This discovery is still very recent and the team of which Caitlin Miron has just completed an application for a patent.</p>
<p>The student believes that it could take five to eight years to market the compound. Let’s bet that the process is accelerating in order to stop the cancer scourge.</p>
<figure data-shortcode=  Prevent cancer with probiotics or antibiotics "width =" 768 "height =" 511 "/><figcaption class= A scientific discovery that could treat 95% of cancers in the next few years The principle of this discovery is that by binding the newly discovered compound or “super glue” to the quadruplex to secure the “ned” In the chain, scientists may be able to prevent the “cellular machinery” from reaching a particular section of the DNA to process it, which, in turn, would prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Scientists have studied quadruplex ligands as a possible treatment for cancer for several decades, but without such promising results. These results are really exciting and are at the forefront of this field.

 Caitlin Miron "width =" 768 "height =" 512 "/><figcaption class= Caitlin Miron receiving his award for outstanding innovation from Mitacs.

Finally, While waiting to finalize this discovery in an official patent, the young researcher received an award for her outstanding innovation from Mitacs a national non-profit organization dedicated to In the meantime, thank Caitlin Miron for her passion, dedication, and dedication to making the world healthier.

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