A specialist in mental and neurological diseases reveals an increase in cases of epilepsy and demands for treatment

Detection of a mental and neurological specialist d. Ahmed Sharif on the increase of cases of epilepsy, and noted that he received in one day (11) cases of the disease, in addition to follow (5) case with a new case each day.

Sharif attributed the increase in disease cases to the health and periphery of cities, next to the pollution of drinking water and food and the spread of diseases in children for the # 39, impact on the brain, said: Cause a central brain injury).

Sharif revealed a remarkable increase in the frequency of treatment cases of narcotic pills and cannabis addiction, and said that he receives (5) cases a day, and pointed to the relapse of some cases to rejection of hypnotic treatment


Khartoum: Lubna Abdullah
Newspaper Diary


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