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            How to overcome the unpleasant odors that emerge from a sports bag or that permeate the interior of the car? Here is a simple and effective solution.

Baking soda or sodium, found in the pharmacist or the druggist, the same one that is added to the cooking water of green vegetables so that they retain even longer their color, is a natural and proven product in many areas.

• It makes miracles against the odors that invade the sports bags where mixed wet towels, tracksuits and shoes with perspiration. To combat these hints, just pour a large handful of baking soda into the bag. Close it and shake vigorously. Then wash inside or vacuum. Same treatment for sports shoes .

The water of flowers . It is so nice to have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers … except for the smell that comes out of the water after two or three days because of the bacterial activity. To avoid this, add one or two teaspoons of baking soda to the water as soon as you dip the flowers.

For the car after cleaning cockpit and accessories, pour some baking soda into the ashtray, sprinkle the seats and carpets, let soak for a few hours, then vacuum.




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