Chemotherapy: 35 years of lying or when Big Pharma dances on the edge of the cliff

A popular wisdom says “the truth is like the oil it always comes over.” It has been about 4 decades since conventional medicine sells us the idea that chemotherapy is the deadly weapon against cancer, today the truth is growing. in addition to the discomforts of ignorance in which medical orthodoxy wants to lock us up: even health professionals no longer believe in its effectiveness.

Worse, they say it is dangerous, a Lebanese news channel Al Manar has just published a report showing that even doctors do not believe in chemotherapy. And yet for about 35 years the pharmaceutical industry serves us the same dish constantly warmed. And we, the “Panurge Sheep” still follow.

If the history of chemotherapy had been told to us

According to conventional medicine, chemotherapy treatments consist of injecting, most often intravenously, chemicals into the body. The goal of chemotherapy would be to stop or slow the evolution of the proliferation of tumor cells. The drugs used mainly act on DNA, on RNA or on cell proteins, to block certain stages of cell division.

But this definition of conventional medicine hides a much more cruel truth and does not answer the essential question about this disease which, over the years, has taken Epidemic proportions:

  • How are cancers born?
  • Why has cancer become today the first cause of death i in France and other so-called developing countries s as well as in the United States?
  • Why, after years and years of “progress in medicine”, is cancer still progressing?
  • Why conventional medicine, which has benefited and continues to benefit from public funds for its research work in the field of cancer, still refuses, with the same arguments of quackery, to take considers the work of so many researchers who have been dismissed from organizations that have been subsidized for having demonstrated originality by exploring areas of research that have never been touched?
  • Why do so many researchers continue to be trapped in the mud by the mediaeval assaults of researchers in official cancer research?
  • Why do the official media refuse to give the floor to researchers whose only fault is to have gone further in the study of cancer mechanisms instead of being satisfied with ™ to study tumors? In other words, official carcinology always confuses cancer with tumor, confusing the cause with the effect. Should we not be more interested in studying the conditions favoring the closing of cancer?

When we answer this series of questions and many more we will realize that we need another Nuremberg, a Nuremberg health. Indeed, is it acceptable that we continue to accept the same methods of treating cancer – chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy – which we know in advance that they consume a lot of money and are destined to fail

To understand the context of maintaining an inefficient and counterproductive treatment method it is interesting to know that in the preceding years During the First World War, there was the existence of an international pharmaceutical cartel based in Germany, which dominated the chemical medicine industries and the whole world. He had extended his operations to eighty-three countries and was the most powerful economic and political force of the moment. He was known as IG Farben .

The Book The Relay of the Nazi Roots of the European Union of Brussels explains how it was the same IG Farben who manufactured the instruments of chemical warfare of Hitler including the poison mustard gas and the infamous Zyklon B used in concentration camps.

But long before World War II, an American industrialist, John D Rockefeller, at the head of an industrial empire, was associated in 1928 with IG Farben, the largest pharmaceutical cartel in the world. then (â € |) whose branches played a primordial role both in politics and in cancerous therapies.

As industrialists the Rockefellers knew the science of creating artificial needs and how to maintain them as long as profit was there. From then on, several chemical substances were inventoried and obtained patents approved by “” sponsored by the Rockefellers of the American Medical Association and Food & Drug Administration whose members were doctors and specialists working in institutions under financial infusion of Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. Rockefeller has transformed the face of allopathic medicine by moving it from a tablet production studio to a pharmaceutical industrial monster we know today.

The story of the family’s takeover and control of medicine, the Rockefellers, is a powerful reminder of the terrible and serious evolution of current health care structures. In the world and especially in Western countries. More and more health care organizations unfortunately follow the Rockefeller model by choosing to entrust the hospital structures to bosses chosen according to their management capacity and economic profitability rather than function of the functionality of their structures. The bosses of these structures reduce the staff by increasing the luxury of the premises such as the provision of patients with flat screens in the rooms or the purchase of expensive instruments to bombard cancerous tumors. of rays. The world needs more health and fewer luxury hospitals to house more sick people than we can avoid if we do not change our strategy. The world needs more prevention of diseases of civilization, we can achieve this through the adoption of clean technologies and the fight against illiteracy.

The world wakes up, a Nuremberg of health looms on the horizon.

“In the presence of the teachers of this school, my dear classmates and in front of the effigy of Hippocrates, I promise …” ii Thus begins the Hippocratic Oath, the one that all physicians do before they take office before adding “I will give my free care to the needy, and never require a salary beyond above my work. ” And yet some health professionals continue to be apostles and the defenders of an inept and criminal medical policy whose scandals like the Vioxx and the Mediator are only tiny parts emerge from the iceberg of medical disfigurement. Worse still, supporters of single dominant thinking continue to organize campaigns of denigration of original scholars and so many other anonymous people who are sometimes unable to complete their work.

How much will it be necessary to sacrifice from Galilee to say that the world knows what the dominant thinking is hiding: “some molecules present in our diet (micronutrients) are able to block the biological mechanisms responsible for the spread of cancer cells “ iii . As you can see, all that remains is to break the chains of ignorance in which medical orthodoxy wants to lock us up. The clinico-pharmaceutical lobbies enjoy the gargantuan profit they make on the backs of citizens and taxpayers, they dance but it is on the edge of the cliff. We encourage healthy doctors to continue the battle for what matters, the battle for health and life. And as Plato said, “ it depends only on us to follow the road that goes up and to avoid the one that comes down “. And if you want cancer to advance and continue to be that “Terminator”, do not do anything. But if you think like us, that diseases of civilization such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease can be reduced to their limits, if you think it is better to prevent than heal, Â join us . Conventional medicine should now prepare its latest episode on chemotherapy “This is the methods of another age.”

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Source: Dr. Rath Health Foundation

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