Damage to obesity and its dangers to the health of the body

Obesity and fat accumulation are among the most common problems that many suffer from. They cause many health problems, cause insulin imbalance in blood, lead to diabetes and other complications. According to the website niddk.nih.gov, the damage of obesity is:

Damage to Obesity

1: The accumulation of fat and obesity increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, as it causes an imbalance in the level of insulin in the blood.

2: Increases high blood pressure causing chronic health problems.

3: Obesity causes many heart problems including heart attacks and angina, and may lead to death, due to high cholesterol and sugar in the blood and impedes the transmission of blood to all cells in the body.

4: Stroke causes due to high blood pressure caused by obesity.

5: Obesity sometimes causes cancer of all kinds, due to excessive eating of fatty food with no physical activity.

6: Increase chances of gallstones.

7: Increase the risk of liver fat and kidney problems.

8: Causes of depression and nervous and psychological stress.

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