Discover the benefits of cockroach milk

When will cookies or ice cream with cockroach milk? Indian researchers have found that a viviparous species of the insect produces a substance three times more caloric than buffalo milk.

A different aspect of cow’s milk
Insects are becoming more and more like the food of the future . Over the next few decades, humans would not only be satisfied with a locust aperitif , but they could also draw their energy from cockroach milk.

A study in India has demonstrated the existence of this substance, whose appearance differs from that of cow’s milk. Research has shown that secretions from a particular species of cockroach are three times more caloric than buffalo milk, which is known for its high fat and protein content, and four times more caloric than its bovine cousin .

Perfect for refilling protein, sugar and fat
The female ”  diploptera punctata  ” secretes milk after giving birth to her young. The latter feed and grow thanks to this substance produced in the intestine of the mother. The cockroach milk contains proteins, as well as sugar and lipids.

The next step is now for researchers to find a solution for large-scale production. According to the biochemist of the study, the ingredient would not have bad taste (phew!), And one could very well imagine introducing it one day into human consumption.

Results could be obtained thanks to a yeast-based breeding concept. That the phobic consumers of insects are reassured, years are still necessary to complete this project and verify if this discovery does not constitute a danger for humans.

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