Discover … The secrets of rose water for your beauty

It is known that rose water has many benefits for the skin, whether it is dry or oily or mixed, and it is important to use water from Pink every day and be part of the daily skin care routine. To make it brighter and healthier.

Sultana offers you a variety of tricks and treatments to take care of your skin and maintain its shine:
– Fill a bottle of sprays and spray your face daily to maintain freshness and moisture.

– Add rose water to glycerin, and use it as a treatment for dry hair problems, so that the scalp is massaged by this mixture for 10- 15 minutes, leaving half an hour on the hair before washing.
– It can be used to give the lips a pink color, so that it lasts a long time, D. With the beet, the beet is cut into pieces and exposed to the sun until 39, it is dry, then grind the beet, add a teaspoon of rose water, spread the mixture evenly on the lips and wash after 15 minutes. In a natural way.

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