Do you know which are the best natural antibiotics?

An abuse of or misuse of traditional antibiotics has a negative effect on health: it promotes a mechanism of resistance in the body, alters the intestinal bacterial flora and inhibits natural defenses of the body. On the other hand, natural antibiotics strengthen the immune system, and still stimulate our natural defenses against pathogens.

Let’s see together in this article what are the best natural antibiotics, to prevent infections and fight against viruses and bacteria of all kinds.

The Functioning of Natural Antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are foods or medicinal plants that function from their nutrients or active ingredients, which act positively on different functions of the body, to facilitate cellular regeneration, while activating and strengthening the immune system

Unlike traditional antibiotics, they do not allow bacteria and viruses to acquire a mechanism of resistance . They possess the property of inhibiting the growth of pathogens, and promote the natural mechanisms of the body to eliminate all that is harmful. In this way, by overcoming the disease, the body becomes stronger and its defenses are much more active against pathogenic germs.

Conversely, traditional antibiotics present risks and side effects for health. They tend to damage the intestinal flora, so it is recommended to use natural antibiotics for prevention or for mild infections .

The best natural antibiotics

In the rest of this article, you will discover which are the 9 best natural antibiotics.

1. Propolis

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The propolis is one of the best natural antibiotics. It is rich in bioflavonoids, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. It is extracted from the buds and tree bark by bees, which use it to cover and protect the hives.

How to take this antibiotic?

  • By way of prevention: 5 drops per day on an empty stomach.
  • Faced with the first symptoms: 5 drops per hour.

2. Garlic

garlic is a very effective natural antibiotic, which eliminates pathogenic germs and does not modify beneficial bacteria, thanks to its many compounds including allicin. In case of infection, you can eat garlic, or apply it to the skin.

If you have trouble eating or digesting garlic, there are capsules .

3. Echinacea

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Echinacea is a medicinal plant that strengthens the immune system while fighting viruses and bacteria . You can eat it in the form of herbal teas, extracts or tablets.

It is preferable that people who suffer from autoimmune diseases first consult a specialist. It is not recommended to consume it for a long time, but rather punctually.

4. The essential oil of oregano

This very powerful essential oil combats viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. You can eat it orally, or apply it on the skin. However, we recommend that you make sure that it is an oil of very good quality, and suitable for human consumption.

You can take a drop of this oil twice a day mixed with honey bees and olive oil .

Do not consume this oil during pregnancy.

5. Colloidal silver

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Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic with antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and disinfectant properties which have been recognized and used since antiquity. This solution of silver particles dispersed in water does not present a risk to health.

6. The copper-gold-silver

This triple combination of trace elements stimulates the immune system while increasing vital energy . Generally, these trace elements are taken in the form of ampoules apart from meals and for a short time.

7. Honey bees

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The bee honey is not as potent as propolis, but one should not underestimate its nutritional values ​​and its many health properties. It is one of the best antibiotics to use as a prevention, because it can be consumed every day in moderate amounts and, moreover, it avoids refined sugars.

8. The lemon

Lemon is a citrus fruit with incredible antibiotic properties which are found especially in his skin. The best way to take advantage of its properties is to use ecological lemons, wash these lemons, peel them, and keep their skin in the freezer. The idea is to eat frozen lemon skins, slowly, in juices, smoothies, salads, stews …

9. Onion

Onion is a medicinal food whose properties are very beneficial in preventing and treating respiratory diseases, as well as parasites . In addition, it promotes the natural elimination of toxins thanks to its sulfur content.

Now that you’ve discovered the best natural antibiotics, do not hesitate to eat them. You’ll strengthen your immune system, and they’ll help you treat mild infections.

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