Does the Dukan Diet Work for Obese Patients?

You must have heard of the “miraculous” regime Dukan chosen by many Hollywood artists.

This is the favorite of people who want to lose weight without too much effort because, for example, it does not require sports and we eat almost what we want.

However, the people who studied this method of French doctor Pierre Dukan indicate that it does not work in 80% of the people who practice it especially in people with obesity.

Here is more information on this subject.

The supposed success of the Dukan system

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This doctor brought out many books on his miraculous diet and they all had success. In Spain, for example, his three publications are a "bestseller" with more than half a million sales.

As the sound of this slimming diet did not go unnoticed by anyone the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) conducted research that showed that the Dukan method was “illegal fraud, that it was not used to lose weight and that it posed great risks to people who followed her. “

Many people started this diet after seeing the effects he had on the actress Penelope Cruz after giving birth to her son, but also on the future queen of Kate Middleton (it is said that in her case Dr. Dukan sent her a book directly to her to thank her for her confidence).

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Can we make the Dukan regime when we are obese?

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Some people say that it is perfect for people obese and others that it is only suitable for people who want to get rid of some extra pounds. The method promises lasting effects (for life) but many researchers have disguised this miraculous technical assumption.

One of studies that serves to understand why this scheme does not work was carried out by a group opposed to Dr. Dukan.

An investigation was carried out among 5000 people who followed this regime.

If a majority of entries affirmed that this regime served them at the beginning, then :

  • 35% regained the lost weight after one year or less.
  • 48% returned to their original weight after one year.
  • 64% were more overweight than when starting, after two years of treatment.
  • 70% exceeded their weight of departure after 3 years.
  • 80% weighed the same or more than at the start after age 4.

One of the maxims that can often be read about this method is that “if you do not achieve the expected results” is that you do not put enough of yours into it . In other words, it is the patient’s fault, not the method.

Here are some of the answers from the survey. 60% of them said “they did not get thin because they ate a lot of food allowed”, “that they did not respect the first stages of “once a week he ate something he did not”, etc.

This feeling of guilt is one of the psychological consequences associated with the Dukan regime, but that’s not all.

“Dukanian” patients also suffered from symptoms of depression and loss of self-esteem as one day they were well in the mirror, then a few weeks after everything came back as before or worse.

It must also be pointed out that Pierre Dukan asserted that, for him, overweight people are sick, and what to say about obes.

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The World Health Organization declared something similar in 1997 when it described obesity as a chronic, though not regular, disease. This nutritionist treats all people who are not thin in the same way, based on the fact that they have problems.

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It is estimated that patients with obesity and overweight were able to lose, using this diet Dukan, 2 kilos at the end of the first month. However, this is not a significant amount if we take into account the food imbalances to which we submit when we follow this method.

In other words, there are more effective and healthier diets to follow for better results.

Eat less flours, sugars and fats, increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables play sports and avoid certain habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, allow to dissolve fats.

It is not necessary to have recourse to such drastic treatments with a large amount of collateral effects and above all, with a high probability of suffering from what is called “the rebound effect “and quickly recover lost pounds.

Among those who are against the Dukan regime and say that it is not advisable for anyone, whether you are obese or not, is a researcher at the University of Navarre.

Dr. Silvia indicates that the method, as it is realized through the reading of a book that one buys at the supermarket, offers no guarantee of results.

Indeed, Dr. Dukan is not responsible for analyzing each particular case or performing the appropriate follow-up, as would a nutritionist at a medical center.

There is also no control over patients’ understanding of the diet and the book is so general that it does not focus on a specific group. Of the population

It is clear that we can not all follow the same regime because of the differences of the type:

  • Age
  • Physical Constitution
  • Kilos in excess
  • Habits and Activities
  • Hereditary factors
  • Diseases that may play a role in the process

Therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor and analyze other options to eat healthy while losing weight, each at his own pace.

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