Gourmet coffee: less caloric than a classic dessert?



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            To finish a meal on a sweet note, many people prefer a gourmet coffee rather than a traditional dessert. But is gourmet coffee really less caloric and less rich in sugar than a classic dessert?

The gourmet coffee at the end of the meal gives the impression of ingesting less sugar and calories, while it offers a wide variety of accompaniments in mini-portions. But gourmet coffee does not mean fewer calories. Indeed, everything depends on its composition and the dessert which it replaces: a tartlet in broken fruit paste is less caloric than a large macaroon (or several small), and a sherbet still significantly less.

At the restaurant and as long as you are attentive to your line, always ask what is the gourmet coffee. For example, a gourmet coffee with a mini-brownie, a macaroon, a mini-sabayon and a marshmallow will be more caloric than the version offering a mini-fruit tart, a mini-flash, a chocolate and a fruit soaked in chocolate.

If this accumulation of calories is a nuisance accompany the coffee with a fresh fruit salad or carpaccio, a sorbet, a caramel of dark chocolate, or of a dry fruit coated with cocoa, or limit yourself to the biscuit served with the drink.




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