Here are five weird methods that could make you lose weight.

1 – Sniffing a banana, an apple or peppermint
As reported on the website , when Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation tested this method on 3,000 people , the specialist found that those who smelled their food more than others were less in the grip of hunger. This theory seems to suggest that sniffing foods makes the brain believe you are eating.

2 – Looking in the mirror while eating
According to a study, eating in front of a mirror reduces the amount of food eaten by about 1/3. Looking in the mirror will remind you of your goals. 

3 – The blue color makes you lose weight!
Believe it or not, blue would suppress appetite. So, prefer blue dishes. On the other hand, avoid yellow, red, and orange because these colors would stimulate the appetite.

4 – The #foodporn
The phenomenon of #foodporn or photographing its food is as disparaged as fashionable on social networks. Yet, it serves to lose weight. But how ? “Take pictures of what you eat, then watch them, make you think before you eat,” says nutritionist Joan Salge Blake.

5 – Put ribbon around the waist to slim down
This is the ‘little’ secret of the fitness specialist, ValĂ©rie Orsoni. According to her, some women of yesteryear wore a ribbon tied around their waist, under their clothes, when they went out to eat. “They remain aware of their stomach, especially when the tape becomes tighter as the evening ahead,” says the expert.

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