How does your metabolism work according to your age

Metabolism and its functioning change according to age

If you want to know how your metabolism works according to the age you have, look at these aspects that will allow you to better know this reality.

The functioning of metabolism at 20

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The functioning of metabolism at age 20 is faster than ever although it depends on each person, as well as his own genetics and level of physical activity.

Keep in mind that people with more than muscle mass need more energy.

At the age of 25, the body ends up forming the bones, and it is at the end of this decade that it costs us a little more work to lose weight . As the 30s approach, metabolism begins to slow down by 2% per decade.

Although at this stage it is easy to lose weight if you feel like it, it is better to avoid:

  • The fast food
  • The industrial bakery
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks with sugar

This type of food will only give you empty calories and no type of nutrients that really brings you benefits .

In case you are a person who tends to gain weight, go for low-fat dairy products and remember that it is preferable to eat five meals a day and that the little one lunch is the most important meal.

The functioning of metabolism at 30

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From the age of 30, the innate ability to burn calories decreases . The body has ceased to secrete the growth hormone and the muscle mass is no longer the same.

However, if you work your muscles and do strength training, this effect can be thwarted.

In the case of pregnancy the functioning of metabolism can also change completely, both in one direction and the other. Speed ​​up or slow down.

Similarly, it is important to eat enough protein . It is advised to reduce the consumption of red meat and increase the consumption of fish . In this way, you maintain good muscle mass and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Regarding the most recommended exercise at this stage, it is preferable to opt for a moderate aerobic workout and train the muscles with disciplines such as pilates .

Metabolism at 40 years old

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In this decade, estrogen levels and progesterone are considerably reduced which also causes the slowing down of metabolism.

The body enters a state called "1945 sarcopenia “, and that is also when muscle mass begins to diminish.

  • At this point, it is important to take care of the protein intake to try not to lose as much muscle mass.
  • Once 45 years passed, it is likely that 10% of muscle mass will be lost for each decade to come.

The best way to try not to gain weight is to make small catches of food that allow you to not go hungry. Among the most recommended we find:

  • The fruits
  • Low fat yogurts
  • Plant protein
  • Thà © vert
  • The walnuts

The best thing to do is adapting your menu to the physical activity you develop every day .

At this point, it is important to avoid carbohydrates and eat legumes at least three times a week, as well as good doses of vegetables and fruit.

Metabolism from the age of 50

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From 50 years the most common is to To prove an increase in weight, and this is because metabolism is much slower. The body at a tendency to replace muscle mass with body fat .

This means that the body needs fewer calories than before, so starting a diet or reducing the amount is useful at this stage.

In this age, the most recommended thing is that the diet you follow must be controlled by a specialist.

Nobody except a nutritionist can prepare a balanced plan. Who, in turn, will bring you the nutrients your body needs.

Do not forget to combine all this with sport.

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