How to avoid the poisons of the supermarket

What chemicals are used in the agri-food industry?

In the name of sacrosanct yield, poultry and slaughter animals too often receive:

  • Drugs, many of which are synthetic molecules, do not exist in nature.
  • Hormones, to make them fat,
  • Antibiotics, which accelerate their growth,
  • Tranquilizers, administered before slaughter to reduce the stress that darkens butchery meat and alters taste

But there are also antioxidant additives, colorants, emulsifiers or other preservatives.

It is difficult to discern in all these molecules those who cause troubles and those who are not.

Then I propose to see together the most dangerous, those to avoid in priority:

Which additives to avoid in priority?

The list of toxic additives to be avoided is unfortunately very long:

  • Aluminum-based additives such as aluminum sulphate (E520);
  • Sodium aluminum acid phosphate (E541);
  • Also found in these products is butylhydroxyanisol (E320), which the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified as “possibly carcinogenic”
  • Unhealthy food additives may also be present in alcohols: in wine-based appetizers tartazine (E102), quinoline yellow (E104) are thus hiding. ) or azorubine (E122)

The most devastating

1. Glutamate (E122 to E625), obrender

Sodium glutamate found in all soups en ​​ sachets,  bouillons cubes, sauces all ready, some charcuteries and some hams, in surimi and in most Asian dishes.

Note that monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a neurotransmitter in the brain that has many drawbacks. Under certain conditions, it destroys brain neurons by excitation.

The neurotransmitters are to be compared to the wires that connect the transistors that our neurons would be. Everyone owns and manufactures them.

However, in high doses, and especially in sensitive people and young children, glutamate prevents the passage of vital information from the human body, hence the symptoms that may vary depending on the dose taken e and sensitivity, from simple malaise to possible small discomfort (usually 1 or 2 days later) to syncope.

But most importantly, it’s MSG’s action on “Glycemia”, which is your ability to control your blood sugar and store it fats.

And that is not to say that the MSG is doing damage. It is even used by scientists to artificially recreate diabetes in animals (to better study the disease)!

MSG increases insulin production, gives hunger and leads animals to eat very often, and become obese.

But MSG is almost everywhere in the restaurant industry, especially in fast food restaurants. And the worst is that the manufacturers admit frankly on their websites that the MSG is destined to give appetite to people so that they eat more!

We are currently in France advertising showing that when the consumer tastes the product, it can not stop and eat all the box or package; and everyone laughs …

And during that time, everyone is wondering why the number of obedience is increasing in France! A dark growth that goes hand in hand with that of metabolic disorders and degenerative diseases.

2. Aspartame: fake sugar and fake brother

Aspartame is a lure of sweet sensation. This chemical, currently manufactured by the notorious Monsanto firm, is a pure synthetic product.

This is for the most part what you need to know about this poison confirmed as such by many independent studies.

Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener with a high sweetening power (200% that of sugar) composed of two molecules of amino acids: aspartic acid, associated with L-phenylalanine contained at very low doses in meat, fish and milk.

But in high doses, these amino acids are neurotoxic. Aspartame aggravates the pre-diabetic (suffering from latent type 2 diabetes called fat diabetes), it was found that out of 80 000 women followed for 6 years by the American Center Society those who took this synthetic sweetener gained even more weight than those using regular sugar.

Aspartame would induce an unhealthy craving for carbohydrates (carbs) by generating brain excitotoxins. In weaning people from aspartame, some doctors have achieved average weight losses of 10 kg!

Remember that many health problems caused by aspartame are included in a category of illness called “fibromyalgia” also including: spasms, throbbing and diffuse pains, numbness legs, cramps, headache, tinnitus, dizziness, joint pain, attacks of anxiety, deception, confusion, impaired performance, sight or memory, excess ¨s of violence or panic.

Also note that according to the references of the United States Department of Defense the famous “Pentagon”, the aspartame is registered as a chemical weapon with 4,200 other food products, beverages and drugs sold freely in more than 90 countries!

Nevertheless, many products are sweetened with aspartame, including all products labeled “light” or “no sugar” (chewing gums). , sodas, etc.). Imagine the future of those who consume it every day …

You understand why we have to worry about additives!

So, of course, it’s probably impossible to totally eliminate them. But I recommend you to consume as much as possible fresh and homemade products to avoid multiplying the sources of exposure to these toxic products

Here are some tips to limit the impact of food pollutants on your health:

Your Poison Armor!

For all pollution, I advise you to use the organic products and the hypotoxic regime of Dr. Seignalet.

This scheme contains six essential directives:

  • Delete all cereals, except rice and buckwheat
  • Remove all animal milks and their derivatives.
  • Eat as much raw or cooked food at a temperature below 110Â ° C
  • If possible, choose organic foods close to the original products.
  • Consuming cold-pressed oils
  • Take magnesium salts, trace elements, vitamins at physiological doses and lactic ferments.

In a next letter, I will tackle a pollution even worse: heavy metals! I will give you tips to protect you, to eliminate them, and to restore the proper functioning of your body.

In the coming days and weeks, I will also be dealing with the issue of food intolerance, dietary intolerance, and eating, the most effective of “medications”!

Wear well.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem

PS: Â Two books to read

For those who would like to know more about it, I recommend the book Heavy Metal Dug to Tran daniel Editions.

By the way, the Dangles Editions issue my book in April: Â Pollution and Health.

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