4 tips to get the water out of the ear

How to get water out of your ear?, At the beach or at the pool, this has happened to everyone ever since the water enters Ear for one reason or another.

This is one of the most unpleasant sensations: the ear buzzes and the hearing becomes bad.

And the most desperate thing about all this is that getting water out of the ear is not easy . This situation usually leads us to do a series of pirouettes and acrobatics so that the water can come out.

It is generally advisable to lie down on one side and give small strokes, but that does not always work.

Believe it or not there are many tips and many truly effective homemade remedies that can help you solve this problem.

Here you will discover the 4 best tips for getting water out of your ear.

A few tips for getting water out of the ear

It is common to end up with water in the ear, especially in summer. For this reason, a thousand tips have been designed to get the water out easily.

On the market, it is possible to find special drops . The formula of these drops is similar to the formula of alcohol.

However, it is important to take into account the following information: if you can not get the water out easily, and if you notice which more are other symptoms it is it is better to go to a doctor .

Among these symptoms, there is:

1. The vacuum effect

 Woman applying the vacuum effect trick

In general, when water gets into your ear, you panic and hit your head on the opposite side of the affected ear.

This technique sometimes works, but it is simpler to to place the palm of the hand on the ear concerned and to exert pressure in order to create a kind of vacuum which will allow the water down through the ear canal

It is very important to bend your head and not to exert great pressure to prevent the water from getting in.

2. Head bent to the side

With this trick, there are plenty of possibilities.

  • You can lean your head and then slap your hand on the back of the neck or on the other ear to make the clogged ear open, allowing the water to come out.
  • If the water really descended deeply, jump on the spot with the head tilted . The pressure exerted by the jump will expel the water.
  • A little extra trick: you can pull on the earlobe to further open the ear canal. This will facilitate the expulsion of water whatever the method used above.

3. Lie on your side in bed

 Woman lying in bed This trick is really effective and very easy. You only have to lie on the side of the affected ear, and let gravity do the rest .

You can tilt the head so that it is perfectly parallel to the bed. In this way, the auditory canal will be straight and the water will go down on its own.

4. The hair dryer

The use of a hair dryer is an ideal solution for evaporating the water inside the ear.

It is recommended to turn it on at the lowest power and place it at a safe distance to avoid burns. Hold it like this for a few minutes.

With this method, the water will be expelled by the wind coming out of the hair dryer, or it will eventually evaporate with heat.

Natural Remedies for Removing Water from the Ears

Boric alcohol

 Towel soaked in a glass of alcohol

Boric Alcohol is very effective at absorbing water, and is very effective in a variety of situations.

  • Simply pour a few drops into the affected ear, and let it sit for 5 minutes then shake your head to remove all the liquid.

If you do not have this alcohol at home, you can very well use alcohol pharmacy that we all have at home. Remember that leaving water in your ear can cause infections.

Vinegar and alcohol

This mixture is extremely effective in getting water out of the ears. Mix alcohol with vinegar pour a few drops into the ear then let stand for 5 minutes. Then shake your head for the water to come out.

This method allows the water to sink much faster, and the residues that remain inside evaporate.

This little trick is also perfect for removing wax from the ears.

Hydrogen peroxide

 Drop of oxygenated water

Just as with alcohol, it is enough to pour a few drops in the ear and let stand for 5 minutes . Then shake your head to bring out the water.

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