How to prepare a mask with gelatin and milk against blackheads


Blackheads are imperfections that occur because of excess fat production and the accumulation of dead cells.

These are small obstructions in the pores, in the form of black dots, that often emerge at the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin) and cheeks.

Their appearance is linked to the lack of hygiene of the face, even if they are even more common among people who suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Moreover, it is often negative reactions to the daily use of cosmetics which, even if it is not visible, leave traces on the skin.

Whatever the case, there are remedies of natural origin that help remove them, so that the face has a healthy and soft appearance.

In this article, we want to share with you a mask with gelatin and milk, whose properties facilitate the elimination of blackheads while nourishing the skin.

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The mask with gelatin and milk to remove blackheads

The gelatin and milk mask is a natural remedy that facilitates the removal of blackheads, dead cells and other impurities that are retained on the surface of the skin.

This combination of ingredients encourages the balance of sebaceous gland activity, which is key to reducing fat production.

It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that stimulate the beauty of the skin by avoiding the early appearance of wrinkles and problems such as acne.

Its regular application keeps the skin soft and moisturized, as it acts like other exfoliating products that have the same purpose.

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The benefits of gelatin

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Gelatin and a natural ingredient that is often used in cooking as a base for desserts and as a thickener in certain recipes.

It is known for its high content of essential nutrients, especially proteins, which bring many health benefits.

Many people do not know that it is so beneficial for the skin. Not only because it supports the process of regeneration but also because it helps to maintain its levels of collagen to avoid the premature signs of age.

It is said to have firming, cleansing and moisturizing properties, as it tones the skin while removing impurities retained in the pores.

This is largely due to its viscous texture, which adheres without attack, while facilitating the extraction of blackheads.

The benefits of milk

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The regular application of milk on the face helps to balance the pH of the skin, and decreases the excessive production of sebum as well as the accumulation of dead cells.

Its high lactic acid content, in addition to vitamins and minerals, supports the cellular regeneration process and facilitates the cleaning of clogged pores.

Its refreshing action is ideal for calming irritation and redness, especially in people who tend to suffer from chronic acne.

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How to prepare this mask with gelatin and milk?

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The preparation of this mask with gelatin and milk is quite simple and above all economical compared to the high prices of the products found on the market to combat these problems.

Its application is good for all skin types because it does not cause pH alterations, nor does it lead to excess dryness.

It can be used as an adjunct to exfoliants since it removes dead cells.


  • 2 spoonfuls of tasteless gelatin (20 g)
  • 4 spoonfuls of milk (40 ml)


  • Put tasteless gelatin in a heatproof container and mix with the spoonfuls of milk.
  • Put the product in the microwave and let it heat for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Once this time has elapsed, check that the temperature is bearable and apply.
  • If you want the mixture to be more liquid and easier to apply, add more milk.

Mode of application

  • Remove make-up and wash your face with warm water and neutral soap.
  • Then, spread the mask all over your face, focusing on the areas invaded by black dots.
  • Let it dry for 40 minutes and remove from the ends to the center of the face.
  • Once you have finished the treatment, apply moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion.
  • Repeat use up to 3 times a week.

Ready to try this mask? If you have just noticed that black dots have appeared on your face, prepare this simple mask and say goodbye to them once and for all!



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