Learn 6 tips to help overcome insomnia

According to the Business Insider website, experts and researchers have presented six tips and instructions to people who have trouble sleeping or who are suffering from insomnia.
These tips are reflected in
As scholars have said, “If a person stays in the same place for a period of time and can not sleep, he must change this place.

2 – Avoid the use of any smart device and the person on the bed: Scientists have repeatedly warned on this point that blue light emitted from the screen prevents the brain from releasing the # Melatonin hormone that is produced by Sinbory nutrition in the brain.

3 – Exploitation of at least 30 minutes before going to read or practice psychological relaxation exercises, after a short time when the person is tired and can sleep.

4 – Avoid thinking about sleep:
Several recent studies have shown that sleep is only about sleep. It is therefore advisable for specialists not to repeat: “I have to sleep, I have to sleep …”.

5 – Sleeping at a certain time: It is the duty of the person suffering from insomnia to get used to organizing his time, specifying a certain time to sleep and wake up.

6 – Experiment with something boring: for example, experts recommend a countdown from 100 to zero, since when a person gets bored, she goes to sleep directly.

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