Learn about the best tips for stress and eating disorders

In the midst of work-related or study-related concerns and family obligations, pressures may arise that, in turn, lead to depression and psychological burn, and not only psychological but also affect health in many ways.
Aerobics: Helps not only lower blood pressure and reduce stress, but also improves the quality of your food choices, reduces weight and reduces waist circumference.
Avoid isolation: go out with friends and seek sources of social support to improve mental and physical health.
Exposure to light: Whenever the body and the eyes are exposed to sunlight, this allows the brain
Magnesium for better comfort: Most people do not consume enough magnesium in their diet normal food.
Legumes, nuts, whole grains and green vegetables are a source of magnesium. Good for magnesium
Do not keep fatty foods on your side Nat food: When these foods are two reserves near you, Tttaghin quickly face any problem in order to reduce stress, the fact that your body asks in these first moments of sugars and fats. In contrast, keep healthy foods rich in antioxidants, raw nuts, as well as foods containing omega-3 and vitamin B6.

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