New deadly disease on the list of "global epidemics"

As if the Zika, Ebola and SARS viruses were not enough for anxiety and fear, the World Health Organization added a new mysterious disease to the list of nine diseases that could cause a global pandemic.

The "X" disease of newly identified killer pathogens, a disease known among the elite scientists, researchers and experts as "unknown unknown", may emerge due to a vital breakthrough, like those in previous fatal pandemics, such as acquired immunodeficiency or Spanish influenza, or may occur due to a terrorist or spontaneous terrorist act.

According to experts from the World Health Organization, the "X" disease, can lead to a series of successive epidemics that can eliminate millions of people when they are exposed.

Unlike other factors, nothing is known about the disease or how to deal with it.

The researchers say that they decided to add it, in order to realize that the next deadly pandemic could start with a simple and simple illness and become fatal.

Doctors and scientists emphasize the importance of preparing for an epidemic that does not know when and where it can begin.

They also warn against the consequences of its development, stressing at the same time that the influenza epidemic that spread last year in Europe and America could hit the "back – to – back". following year more strongly and cause the death of 300 million people.
These concerns seem logical in the wake of the major global health crises that have emerged in the last three years as a result of antibacterial resistance to antimicrobial drugs, mutation of viruses, and the spread of wars and natural disasters that have contributed significantly to the spread of the disease. new epidemics. Serious.

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