The results of a long-term study on the cell phone’s relationship with cancer

A report by US researchers on potential health hazards of mobile phones reported that male mice, exposed to very high levels of the same type of radiation, (19459003).

The initial report of the US National Program on Toxicology, part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, indicated that female rats who were exposed in the same way did not develop cancer.

Years of research aimed at helping to settle Naga U on whether mobile phone radiation is harmful.

The US National Program on Toxicology and the US Food and Drug Administration said Friday that although these findings are interesting, they can not be extrapolated to humans.

and pointed out that animal studies are intended to test the maximum exposure to mobile phone radiation and that current limits on safety of mobile radiation provide protection, according to Reuters.

But these two studies, which took 10 years and cost $ 25 million raises new questions about exposure to this In these studies, about 6 percent of male mice, whose entire body was exposed to the highest level of mobile phone radiation, had a rare type of cancer in the nerve tissue near the heart, while the animals that had not “The interesting part is that the type of cancer we have seen is similar to cancer, which has been observed for some time in some pathology studies in users,” said John Butcher, a senior scientist at the US National Program on Toxicology. Cell phones. ”

” Of course this was a condition In the nerves in the ear and next to the brain, but the cancers were similar to what we saw in the heart. ”

Otis Brawelli, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, said:” The drafts are expected to raise serious concern, “In fact, it will not change what I’m saying to people: evidence of a link between cell phones and cancer is weak, and so far we have not seen a major risk of cancer in humans.”

“If mobile users are concerned Because of these findings, animals have to use headphones. ”


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