Some tips for having a prodigious memory

The technology helps us greatly, but it also made our brain more lazy. We are not trying to remember a fact: we are looking for it on the Internet. If we add to that the excess information of all the media and the diaries behind appointments, it is easy to understand why we are forgetting things.

Great memory sought

Just like the brain “forgot” many things, he can also remember it very quickly. This means that you will have greater mental ability when working with certain techniques or tricks for a prodigious memory.

In reality, we all have the ability to remember, but the problem is that the mind gets used to the slightest effort. Not paying attention, reading superficially, thinking about something else, not thinking … are all enemies of memory.

Moreover, we must add that when we want to remember something and we do not succeed, the stress brain . That is why it is so difficult for us to find that word, this celebrity or date that we have stored in the deepest part of our minds.

On the other hand, we must recognize that we do not allow the brain to think, reason, or remember on its own. We do not let him rest properly. We do not give him the time to record important information.

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How to have a prodigious memory

Illuminated signs, TV commercials, social networks, Internet browsers – all attack the powers of the brain. Therefore, if you want to have a prodigious memory, you must practice the following techniques:

1. Restoring the facts

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Of course, you have more than once failed to remember where you left your keys. We can spend hours searching for objects without any results. A good way to remember where you leave them, is obviously to choose a place where to deposit them each time. But you can also use the technique of reconstitution of facts.

This means that you should take a few minutes to remember what you have done since your return home (what you had in your hands, where you put other objects, for example: provisions, the cell phone or the umbrella, what you did last time you saw your keys). Suddenly you will see where they are.

2. Use mnemale rules

Maybe when you were in school, teachers taught you to remember formulas, facts, or dates using what we call rules MNA © motechniques . This allows us to relate the information to short sentences or word strings. In this way, a lot of data is recorded and more easily accessible.

In fact, these rules serve to preserve these data without repeating them, like a parrot, until one has enough. And most importantly, these concepts will not be easily forgotten, even after years. One of the best-known examples is “MEs Old Turtles Are Working on a Ninja”. The first letter of each word evokes a planet of the solar system and order relative to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Of course, you can use the mnemale rules as you wish, with personal words or phrases. The initials of our children, birthdays, a character we loved in childhood, etc.

3. Read aloud

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Often, when we explain something to someone else, the concepts become more specific. In addition to putting into words something that has been studied to promote comprehension, the fact that the brain listens to the data helps to retain them.

That is why he is also important to read aloud when we study or when we want to keep something in mind. And on top of that, it would be good to read books or newspapers "as before". Screens inhibit comprehension and the light they emit causes headaches.

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4. Rest and relaxation

This technique for a prodigious memory is based on the fact that the mind saves concepts when it does not pay attention to anything else. If, after spending a morning studying, we go to the movies, look at the information or look at Facebook, we probably do not remember the concepts or the data we already have learned.

For this reason, it is recommended to take a good nap after a “bombing of information.” If we do not want them to be forgotten, of course. You can also walk around a park, get some exercise, take a hot shower or listen to classical music. In this way, the mind will have nothing to distract.

5. Modification of habits

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The brain needs new habits and adventures. Monotony makes him even more lazy and apathetic. If you want to remember something and have a prodigious memory, you should change some of your daily activities. Or at least do them in reverse order. New elements increase mental efficiency, since the mind has to pay attention to something that it did not know or was not accustomed to.

We must not forget that our mind is very curious and likes the challenges. It is up to us to provide him with the elements he needs to be more effective and avoid the oversights.

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