Stop drinking fruit juice with breakfast!

A new US study found that fasting fruit juice consumption “disrupts” the digestive system and can disrupt beneficial intestinal bacteria

High levels of fructose sugar , which is quick access to the small intestine, according to scientists. The study, conducted by Professor Joshua Rabinowitz of Princeton University, indicated that after periods of “fasting”, such as in the morning, the digestive system becomes unable to process large amounts of fructose, resulting in “spills” in the large intestine.

Although the results of the study did not reveal whether this had a negative effect on health, scientists suggest it, that is why they recommend respect for ” oldest councils of the world. This invites us to “eat sweets in moderate amounts after meals.”

Although previous studies indicate that sugar is processed by the liver, new research indicates that over 90% of fructose is digested in the small intestine.

Previous results also revealed that the small intestine is able to treat fructose the best when eaten after a meal.

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