Stress, as harmful as fast food for the intestinal flora

According to a new international study, stress would have the same (negative) impact as an unbalanced diet on the gut microbiota.

We already knew that junk food (including: hamburgers, fries, nuggets, pizzas …) was bad for health: in bulk, it is accused of promoting obesity, asthma in teens , poor school results, some hormonal disorders, disorders of fertility in humans, constipation … In short, to avoid!

But according to a new study jointly conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University (in the US) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (in China), stress could have the same negative impact as a diet that is too fat, too sweet and too salty on the gut microbiota.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers conducted several experiments on a group of mice, aged 8 weeks on average: half of them were subjected to a fast-food diet for several weeks. During the same period, the other half was under intense stress. The intestinal flora of rodents was then analyzed via their stools.


Verdict? The researchers found that in female mice, in particular, stress causes the same change in intestinal flora as a diet that is too fat, too sweet and too salty.

“Although this work has been done on mice, we believe that some conclusions are equally valid for humans,” say scientists, who published their work in the journal Scientific Reports. Thus, stress is not only psychological: we know that it can have a concrete impact on the person’s state of health. Regarding the male / female difference, it also seems credible on the human scale since women are, on average, more affected than men by depression and anxiety disorders. ”

Morality: to stay healthy, zen, let’s be zen …

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