That’s happening to your heart when you drink energy drinks

Energy drinks contain coffee and a cocktail of stimulants, sweeteners and other artificial additives. This mixture is poisonous and can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system or even cause a heart attack.

Just ask the family of Cory Terry, a 33-year-old father from Brooklyn who died of a heart attack after drinking a Red Bull, one of them “world’s most popular” energy drinks. According to Patricia Terry, Cory’s mother, he was active, non-smoker and drank Red Bull regularly.

“He drank this thing all the time. He said that would boost him, “confirms his mother Patricia in the New York Daily News.

Can Red Bull Cause Heart Attacks?

A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings revealed that Red Bull and similar energy drinks could be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disorders , and could also cause the same symptoms to people in good health.

One clinical trial consisted of giving 15 healthy participants two cans (500 ml) per day of the same red Bull’s equivalent beverage in terms of ingredients for one week.

The researchers found that participants’ blood pressure increased by 8% just four hours after the first set, and by 10% by the end of the week. They also found that participants’ heart rate increased by 8% on the first day and by 11% by the end of the week.

These two factors are associated with an increased risk of heart attack. Arterial hypertension can also damage arteries and cause blood clots.

The Ingredients of Red Bull

In addition to tons of sugar and gasification, Red Bull’s main ingredients are caffeine, taurine, D-glucuronolactone, and several B vitamins.

The amounts of taurine and D-glucuronolactone are important. Each can provides respectively 2 and 500 times the daily doses that are absorbed by our diet, the equivalent of six months of consumption for D-glucuronolactone!

Taurine and D-glucuronolactone have neuro-behavioral effects: hyperactivity, fear, hypersensitivity to noise and self-mutilation observed in mice. They are also harmful to the kidneys.

Coffee, especially absorbed in large quantities, causes anxiety, nervousness and tachycardia.

The dangerous side effects of Red Bull

Another study published in the same review examined the effect that Red Bull had on people during and after training. consisted of 13 participants. The researchers had them perform vigorous exercises three times a day. Before each training session, participants drank Red Bull, a similar drink without taurine, or a placebo without stimulants.

Researchers found that only Red Bull had an effect on systolic flow, which is the volume of blood that the heart ejects at each contraction. This shows that the combination of stimulants present in the Red Bull have significant repercussions on the cardiovascular system, effects that have been associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

In conclusion, these studies essentially show what most people already know: Red Bull and energy drinks are NOT good for your heart.

If you need a little lift, stick to the tea and avoid the chemical cocktails that the energy drink companies sell. Or consume a student mixture of oleaginous and raisins, for an instant boost of energy.


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