Virtual gastric ring: is this the miracle method for losing weight fast?

Hypnosis is it the solution to lose weight without going on billiards? This is in any case what promises the virtual gastric band, a method that has existed for some years now, but which knows a revival of hype in recent weeks.

Already used to stop smoking, anesthetize patients or eradicate phobias, hypnosis could allow significant thinning without surgery on overweight people. But this method is not unanimous.

The virtual gastric ring, qu├Ęsaco?

14.5% of the French adult population is now considered obese . To lose weight, some people who are obese are resorting to bariatric surgery, also called obesity surgery. Operations heavy and not without risk, that hypnosis proposes to replace by the technique of the virtual gastric ring. This method is neither more nor less a series of hypnosis sessions in which therapists pose a completely virtual gastric band. The promise: to change the signal that the stomach sends to the brain through hypnosis alone. The advantage: there is no intervention.

The results of the virtual gastric band

Emeric Lebreton, founder of Psy’Action , assures that it is possible to lose weight through hypnosis, via several methods to choose according to the desired weight loss. For the virtual gastric band, a classical accompaniment requires 5 to 25 coaching sessions with a therapist. You will never lose weight in one hypnosis session. Yes, it takes time and you have to move.

Never mind, Emeric Lebreton has also implemented a method of self-hypnosis, which leaves us a little puzzled. Put in place through audio recordings, it encourages customers to hypnotise themselves. ” Our offices are not established everywhere in France, and some people have work schedules that do not allow them to move in hypnosis cabinets, ” says Emeric Lebreton. According to the director of Psy’Action , the results in the office are very satisfactory: ” out of 300 patients treated, we have already collected 85% of positive results “. On the other hand, he could not give us precise figures concerning autohypnosis.

Is it really effective?

A few years ago, the gastric band was the only surgery possible to counteract obesity . A silicone ring was placed around the upper part of the stomach, which reduced the patients’ feeling of hunger, thus causing them to eat less. Problem: Some continued to eat little, but throughout the day. Today, this operation is gradually abandoned because of the complications generated.

Dr. Chiche, a digestive and bariatric surgeon at the Geoffroy Saint Hilaire clinic in Paris , admits to having a hard time believing in the effectiveness of his virtual double. For him, people who turn to bariatric surgery have at least 30 to 40 kg to lose and he can not imagine ” a technique like hypnosis can fully work on this type of patient .” In fact, he says he has been dealing with patients who have tried virtual gastric banding before turning to surgery. ” If finally, they decided to turn to surgery, it may be a proof that the method is not very effective, ” he concludes. For the surgeon, hypnosis is not enough in case of obesity.

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