What is the effect of drinking large amounts of water during or immediately after food?

Drinking water is vital and necessary to ensure the continued functioning of various organs of the body effectively and efficiently, but drinking water has rules with food to ensure that There is no obstruction of the devices.

Dr. Mohammed Esmat, consultant in internal medicine, liver, gastroenterology and endoscopy, explained that drinking water does not affect the stomach once some people do so, but does not should not drink water during or immediately after eating.

He added that drinking water in large quantities during or immediately after the food impedes the digestive process because frequent consumption of liquids with food causes a decrease in the concentration of digestive juices and the weakening of their digestive effect. Slow, and delay the process of digestion, which makes the person feel the weight and swelling of the abdomen, because of the large number of gases, which are ultimately linked to cause obesity.

Dr. Mohammed advised the person in case of thirst during food to drink only small amounts, or drink water before or after food at least an hour when the stomach is empty or not busy digesting.

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