White bread or wholemeal bread: the best option

One of the most controversial food disputes that exist today is what type of bread should we consume every day.

The most curious is that many people make their choice without knowing in depth the difference between the two products. Is it better to have white bread or wholemeal bread?

Of course, bread is more versatile, but most people do not know why. You will be surprised at the amount of doubts and myths hovering over one of the best-known foods in the world.

Does bread really make you gain weight and is it harmful to your health? Should we choose it complete? It is necessary to think before making conclusions on the subject.

Is Whole Wheat More Nutritious?

Under its traditional mixture, bread consists of three parts: the sound, the germ and the starch . This structure is essential to understand the difference between the loaves.

While white bread flour consists solely of starch, the its and the seed are present in the wholemeal bread.

This allows the conservation of the most valuable nutrients of the wheat seed.

  • Therefore, it is a grave mistake to believe that his integral preservation has the same effects as a dietary product.
  • At least it will be able to provide more nutrients under the consumption of smaller quantities.

Are all brown breads complete?

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The fact that it is brown does not always mean that it is complete. In fact, there are refined presentations to which a supplement of sound is added to obtain such a color.

In addition, certain preparations can be enriched with various B vitamins. And even if the result is very convincing, it will be similar to the consumption of white bread.

Many people believe that they buy a complete food based only on the color of the product.

The worst thing is that stores sell them as if they were natural products.

Why is white bread less healthy?

Basically, the problem lies in the processes of refining which are used to give it a much more “commercial” coloration, appearance and texture.

As a result, they lose useful fibers, minerals and natural fats.

By having a lower fiber content, we are missing a wonderful property that keeps the bread whole. It is the ease of producing stool and passing food more easily from the intestinal tract.

On the other hand, it is likely that we will need large quantities of the white version to feel really satiated.

In search of the perfect bread

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All that is said above shows that the amount of calories does not present a difference Between the two products. What is recommended is to consume the healthiest, natural, high-fiber blend.

And what is the best option? The most recommended is a wholemeal flour product, made from whole grains.

In this way, we provide a preparation with more than fibers vitamins and nutrients whole.

On the other hand, blends containing a high sugar and gluten content must be avoided. In summary, how harmful this food is will always depend on the components of the dough.

Benefits of white bread or wholemeal

Far from what is thought, consuming bread moderately produces great health benefits.

  • Fibers facilitate the expulsion of waste.

This consumption can also help us take care of our cardiovascular health. To do this, we should eat at least 2 or 3 small portions equivalent to 70 grams per day.

  • Whole grain breads are recommended for people with diabetes
  • This is because they generate fewer alterations in the glycemic index than most refined products.

Moderate Consumption

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In this perspective, the harmfulness of bread has to do with sauces and blends with which we take it, more than with the bread itself.

  • Another disadvantage is characterized by the products used and spread on the bread.
  • Adding butter, sausages and other high-calorie foods is a serious health hazard in the future.

It is advisable to alternate this great source of carbohydrates with other options such as pasta, rice, oats or quinoa, among others.

If the ingredients are of high quality and eaten moderately, the only thing we will get from the bread is a benefit for the maintenance of our health.

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