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Dear reader,

With every worrying news about pollution, CO2, heavy metals, we feel guilty: “ I have to stop the car!

But the car is so practical, so easy … And individual interest outweighs the collective interest. We go back before we even tried cycling, walking, public transport

Of course, it is also our individual interest to leave the car at the garage: by walking, riding a bicycle, we air ourselves, we reduce our risk of being touched by the obesity, heart disease, depression, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer …

But again, how hard it is to make a sacrifice today for a benefit that will come only tomorrow !

This is why the number of cars continues to increase, as well as pollution, traffic jams, rampage of landscapes, noise.

But things are moving!

I give you a new argument against the car.

If you are convinced, circulate the information! It can become the biggest blow against the dictatorship of the car !!

Your car is trapped

While we still see our cars as mere engines on four wheels allowing us to move, the car manufacturers themselves have a different vision .

As explained in an incredible article published on January 15, 2018 in the American newspaper Washington Post

car manufacturers no longer see themselves as companies that manufacture equipment to move, but as computer companies [1]. ”

Indeed, they begin to function as Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon who live thanks to private information that they collect about you without you realizing it (and which are resold, at a high price, to the advertisers, and more and more often exploited by the governments).

Indeed, most cars are now equipped with GPS, on-board computers, sensors, and transmit your information to manufacturers through the Internet.

Your safety is not their priority

If you believe that these systems are there for your safety, to improve the performance of your vehicle, to find it in case of theft or prevent a breakdown, return to Earth.

Thanks to sensors on board modern cars, builders can accumulate tons of private information about you: not only your journeys and schedules, but also your speed (and speeding …), your acceleration, your brakes, your gas mileage, the radio stations you listen to and when, and your favorite music. They can know where you shop, how much time you spend there, the weather on your street (if the automatic wipers go off), if you put on your seatbelt, what you were doing just before an accident, and your variations of weight (recorded by the armchairs) !!

If you are a commercial, they can follow all the customers you visit, and thus restore your address book!

Already tens of millions of cars “spied”

The article states that tens of million cars already do this to States STATES . This is part of the fine print hidden in the long contracts that you get signed when you buy a car.

Without you noticing it, you allow them to recover all that data. And, anyway, you have no choice: it’s that or nothing! However, according to the firm specializing in technological research Gartner, in 1945, 98 % of cars sold in Europe will be connected too, and will transmit information .

The result is that automobile manufacturers have been transformed into databanks fed with valuable personal information without the drivers noticing, of course.

What has changed recently

If the on-board computers have existed since the 1960s, they were used to inform the driver of any problems: oil level, tire pressure, maintenance … These data could possibly be used by the garage when you brought him. your car.

What has changed is that cars are now connected to the Internet and transmit all the data in real time. They know where you are, and even where you are going (even before you arrive) if you enter your destination on the GPS.

Soon, when cars start either with a key but with fingerprints, they will know for sure who drives.

Most people do not realize how habits like where we shop or park our car during the day can reveal things about us ,” says Pam Dixon, director the World Privacy Forum, an organization that fights for the protection of privacy. “ Many private companies and government agencies dream of having access to this data, which reveals our most intimate habits.

For example, parking your car twice a week near a sports center, to find you in a ski resort or at the sea, may interest many traders, hoteliers, restaurateurs, sellers or renters of material.

But regular trips to an anti-cancer center can provide valuable information about your health, your life expectancy, for banks, insurers, or even estate agents interested in your home!

The sensors on your car phone can, of course record your conversations and transmit them whether or not your phone is turned on.

This is probably not currently practiced on a large scale, but there is no doubt that, in the name of the fight against terrorism, against drugs and against crime, “exceptions” could be made, which will be widened soon to other less serious “offenses”.

The Stasi (secret police in East Germany, which spied on all citizens) had dreamed of it, car manufacturers did it!

By letting go of your car, you will not only find health, but also … freedom!

To your health!

Jean-Marc Dupuis

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