Your sleep for long hours may be an indication of your condition.

Some teens feel anxious to sleep for hours, sometimes up to 10 hours, and sometimes do not want to wake up only when they are hungry, and although some think that these symptoms are directly related in the psychological state, they may be a symptom Another, where this condition corresponds to the symptoms of Klein Levin syndrome or also called Sleeping Beauty syndrome. According to the American website "medicinenet."

What is Sleeping Beauty syndrome?

Klein Levin syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that affects up to 70% of adolescents.

Symptoms of sleeping beauty syndrome?

Characterized by the desire of a patient to sleep with frequent periods of up to 20 hours a day.

Patients may experience flu-like symptoms, as well as overeating, irritability, confusion, hallucinations, and depression.

Treatment of sleeping beauty syndrome?

There is no cure for Sleeping Beauty syndrome, and sometimes, medications are recommended to treat drowsiness, but may increase irritability.

Because of the similarities between somnolence syndrome and certain mood disorders, medications may be prescribed to treat mood disorders.

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